Case Studies

Lancashire School

Whilst we had always financed our school mini bus, we had no idea that it was possible to acquire other types of equipment on a payment plan. We now know differently. Funding 4 Education have assisted us in many areas throughout the school, including a new canopy which provides a valuable undercover outdoor area for the children. They also financed some new toilets. By enabling us to spread the payments over a number of years it enables us to utilise our capital budget on the children and current teaching requirements.

Birmingham School

Like a number of other schools, our attitude towards finance agreements was prejudiced by a previous unpleasant experience with a photocopier lease. We “dipped our toe in the water” using Funding 4 Education to finance our I.T. suite and were delighted with their response and professionalism. They provided very straightforward advice and the paperwork was short, simple and unambiguous. We have subsequently used them to finance four other projects within the school

North London Schoool

Funding 4 Education has enabled us to equip our Technology Suite with the latest“state of the art” equipment, which we would never have been able to achieve inone go through our capital budget. The positive impact this has had on both pupils and teachers is evident through the improved results.

Kent School

We recently used Funding 4 Education to finance a new playground within the school. As the playground is guaranteed for 10 years it made perfect sense to pay for the equipment over a period of time, as the children are getting use out of it. In doing so, we were able to get a larger playground with more equipment than we would otherwise have been able to acquire through an upfront outright purchase.

Spread the cost

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