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The revolutionary payment solution for schools’ to get their equipment

How often have you not been able to get the equipment you wanted as your budget wouldn’t strech? Play Now, Pay Later is a way for your school to get immediate equipment and not pay your first installment until May 2020!

The perfect solution for…

1. Design your new playground

Using our trusted lease suppliers; design and decide on your new playground, making sure you have all the equipment you need.

2. Have it installed NOW!

Your students can start enjoying their new playground straight away, letting them have the best learning environment possible.

3. Make your first payment in May 2020

Using our deferred payment plan, you won’t have to pay anything until your next budget year in May 2020, letting you really Play now and Pay Later.

Don’t miss your opportunity to Play Now, Pay Later.

Quick and reliable service.

Play Now, Pay Later has been created to make sure you can get your equipment as quick as possible and our trusted customer service team will be there every step of the way to help!

Spread the cost

With school budgets continously getting tighter, you can now spread the payments over 3-5 years, paying installments which suit your school and budget.

Defer Payment Options

Now you don’t even have to save up for the inital payment straight away, instead you’ll have until May 2020 to pay your first installment!

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