Equipment Protection Cover

No Excess*, Instant Repair & Instant Replacement! Can your current equipment cover say that?

Download EPC Brochure * Some excess does apply on specific equipment types. Full terms can be found in the brochure.

What is Equipment Protection Cover (EPC)?

Our Equipment Protection Cover is a unique offering to schools that choose to lease their equipment through us. It provides complete peace of mind as you know your equipment is covered no matter what happens. And with our fast turn around on repairing or replacing equipment, you know your school will never go without again!

What does EPC protect against?

Equipment Protection Cover (EPC) protects your leased school equipment against all risks of physical loss or damage:

Burglary / Theft from School Premises

Lightning Damage, Power Surges and Fire

Vandalism and Malicious Damage

Flood and Water Spillage

Accidental Damage

You can rest assured that occurrences from spillage of coffee on your computer keyboard, to severe incidents of electrical damage cause by faulty circuitry, fire or break in, are comprehensively protected.

Discover more about our unique EPC offering by downloading the brochure.

What equipment is covered?

Laptop, tablet PC’s and IT hardware

Servers, network, cabling and operating systems

Copiers, faxes, mailing equipment and furniture

Telecommunications equipment

vending machines, coffee machines and coin machines

Video editing, screens and projectors

Security and fire protection equipment

Still have questions on our EPC?

Download the full brochure below.

Download EPC Brochure

or speak to our specialist team on 01625 415 400

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