Our Education Leasing Solutions

We know every school is different, with different needs and requirements. That's why we personalise each one of our solutions to the pertinent needs of your school.

Pay Later.

A brand new solution that allows your school to get the equipment it wants today and Pay Later. Bespoke to Funding 4 Education, Pay Later is perfect if you're waiting for your new budget to arrive, but are in need of new equipment today!

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Rental Plans

A Funding 4 Education Rental Plan is a cost effective way for your schools to acquire the equipment you need, without having to save up their budget. A rental plan is perfect if you're looking to refresh your equipment on a regular basis.

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Operating Leases

The traditional lease, created to be fully compliant under the Department of Education & Funding guidelines, and a often chosen by Local Education Authorities for their robust and flexible nature.

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Not sure which solution you need?

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