Enhance Learning with Equipment Leasing for Schools: Discover our Lease Options today!

Leasing your schools equipment is a powerful way to get the equipment you want, without being limited by budget.

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What equipment can your school lease?

Playgrounds & Canopies

Everything from playgrounds, Astro-turfing, tennis nets, cricket cages and even swimming pools.

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Interactive Touchscreens

Make your lessons more interactive by introducing interactive screens to your classrooms.

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LED Lighting

Trying to make your school more energy efficiency - lease your LED lights, solar panels and more.

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Catering Equipment

Get your dream school kitchen and canteen without being limited by your budget. Cookers to tables, we've done it!

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Maintenance Equipment

An extensive inventory of maintenance equipment, ensuring that you have access to the latest models and technology.

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IT Equipment

All of your IT needs can be leased. Everything from computers, iPads & tablets, laptops and even TVs.

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Telephone System

Upgrade your school's telephone system without breaking the budget. We've got you covered!

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Modular Buildings

Build your dream school expansion with modular buildings. No budget limitations, only possibilities!

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Gym Equipment

Elevate your school's fitness facilities with new gym equipment. No budget limitations, just limitless fitness!

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Sensory Equipment

Looking to create an amazing breakaway room for your students, we can help you get all of the bells and whistles.

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Furnish your school with the perfect furniture without being constrained by your budget.

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CCTV & Security Equipment

Want to make sure your school is safe and secure for it's students? Lease your CCTV, fencing and other security equipment.

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Drama Studio Equipment

Put on amazing performance by kitting out your drama study or hall with the best staging and lighting around.

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Design Technology

Lease all your design technology needs, from 3D printers and laser cutters to laptops and even a fully equipped design studio.

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Music Equipment

Lease all your music room needs from keyboards and guitars to laptops and even a new classroom. Unlock limitless possibilities for musical education!

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