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Off the Record

The area for all of our more light hearted and whitty posts. Off the Record is filled with articles that are bound to make you chuckle!

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Did you know you can lease...?

A lot of schools still beleive they can only lease IT equipment, even though the most leased items don't involve IT at all! That's why in this series we look at all the different types of equipment your school can lease.

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Myths of School Leasing

There's a lot of myths around leasing equipment as a school that aren't really true and this infographic is here to help debunk them!

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An Introduction to Leasing for Schools

Leasing is a straightforward solution that helps schools to overcome the biggest challenge currently taking place in the education sector...

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Do you know... What to look for when choosing an equipment supplier?

Discover all of the key thing you need to be looking for when choosing a supplier for your equipment.

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Operating Leases – Is what you see what you get?

For almost every school, leasing is an essential part of their budget management and can be a very effective way of...

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