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Overcome current budget limits!

A step rental plan or a “step lease” is a lease which provides for small pre-agreed annual increases in the payments over the term.

This type of Agreement is particularly useful where your school may have limited budget in the current financial year and wish to apportion more of their future budgets against the Agreement. As the future payments can be variable, the flexibility of this Agreement enables schools to acquire equipment immediately with a low initial payment, whilst planning for additional payments from future year’s budgets.

Fully Compliant

Our rental plans have been tried, tested and used by over 3,500 schools nation-wide. Meaning you can rest assured, our agreements are 100% compliant.

Clear and Transparent

We’ve done everything we can to make our rental agreements as clear and transparent as possible, making it ultra easy for your school to understand.

Short, Sweet and Simple!

We focused on making our rental agreements as simple as possible, that’s why our agreements are as short as a single page in length.
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So what can be leased?

Schools often think leasing only works with IT equipment, when in fact most items leased don’t include IT at all!

Playgrounds & Sports Goods

Wifi Systems

CCTV & Security Equipment

IT Equipment

Theatre & Staging

LED Lighting


Catering Equipment

Recording Equipment

Vending Equipment

Interactive Whiteboards and Screens

Library Equipment

Secure Tablet Storage

Design Technology

So what are you waiting for?

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