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Furnishing your students’ future: Furniture leasing for schools

Looking to give your school a little facelift but your budget won’t allow for it this year? Give yourschool a new lease of life with one of our plans designed specifically for you.

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Stimulate learners with furniture leasing!

Face up to budget challenges by leasing furniture for your school and update your environmentincluding…

furniture desks


Create an ideal learning environment with our versatile desking solutions, designed to enhance focus and productivity in schools.

folding tables

Folding Dining Tables

Maximise space efficiency in your school's dining area with our practical folding dining tables, perfect for accommodating varying group sizes.

furniture reception


Make a lasting first impression with our welcoming and stylish reception furniture, setting the tone for a positive school experience.



Create a comfortable and collaborative staffroom atmosphere with our range of furniture that promotes relaxation and interaction among teachers.



Stay organised and clutter-free with our reliable storage solutions, providing ample space to keep educational materials and supplies neatly in place.



Ensure the security and personal space of students and staff with our sturdy and customisable locker options, designed to meet diverse needs.



Transform your school spaces with our expert refurbishment services, breathing new life into classrooms and common areas.

library furniture


Cultivate a love for learning and reading with our library furniture, tailored to create a warm and inviting space for students to explore knowledge.

changing benches

Changing Room Benches

Promote cleanliness and comfort in your school's changing rooms with our durable and hygienic benches.

Why use leasing to enhance your learning environment?

In the dynamic world of education, providing a stimulating environment is paramount to nurturing a successful learning journey. Leasing can help schools in many ways and here are a handful ofbenefits:

Flexible Furniture Leasing

Schools have many different areas, some of which may need furnishing at the same time. Mix and match your furniture and suppliers to suit your requirements knowing you can also add to the lease later down the line.

Complete Refurbishments

If you have rooms in need of a facelift however you don’t have room in your budget for your wish list, leasing allows you to get exactly what you need to finish the job. Whatever you’re looking to achieve from an aesthetic or financial point of view, we’re here to help you to get the job done.

Inflation-proof Payments

Furniture for schools can be a huge investment which can lead to postponing your plans until your budget allows for an outright purchase. Fast forward a few years when you have the budget available but your revised quote has shot up in price which means you have to find more capital from somewhere. Leasing allows you to get the solution today, at today’s price.

Up-to-date Environment

Educators say that a modern learning environment can increase student engagement, motivation, collaboration and responsibility. Use leasing to consistently freshen up your classrooms, canteen, design and technology workshops and even your reception to give your students and stakeholders a real sense of belonging.

What leasing options can you use for furniture?

Listed below are the most popular options for spreading the cost on furniture.

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