Can you believe it’s that time again for GCSE’s?!

There have been many changes around the world since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the global pandemic it created, no surprise being the devastating effect this has had on the education sector. Returning to normal and getting children and young people back into classroom environments hasn’t been easy. And now with exam season in full flow, it may feel like the pressure is on.

We asked our customers to share some tips for both teachers and students for preparing for exams and during the examination period. Here’s what they came up with:

For Students

  • Highlight important notes in your revision sessions or use record cards to make flash cards with short but significant information
  • Check the number of questions you need to answer before you begin
  • If time is running out, focus on the questions you feel most confident in answering or the ones where a lot of marks available
  • Use highlighters to pick out key words in the exam questions and give yourself time to review your answers
  • Use breathing techniques to create a calm state of mind and reduce exam anxiety

For Teachers

  • Host your revision sessions in a quiet environment where students won’t be distracted
  • Create revision timetables, emphasise how vital it is for students to commit to the schedule and work out what will motivate them in the run up to the exams
  • Break large, important subjects into smaller ones, which can be absorbed in one revision sitting
  • Take regular short breaks, eat healthily and drink plenty of water
  • Create mind maps and diagrams as a visual way for the students to remember information

If you have a requirement for new equipment, however you’re busy with exams, please contact us on 01625 415 400 and we’ll take the headache away for you!

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