School playgrounds are one of the most important parts of the education environment. Not only do playgrounds provide a break for children during a day of learning, they open up a world of development with so many other skills. Here are just some of the vital skills children can develop when using outdoor play equipment:

Open up a world of imagination for your students by providing them with play equipment that encourages role play. Include themed equipment such as playground boats, outdoor play houses, tunnels, bridges and outdoor stages for children.

Social Skills
Playgrounds allow students to interact with one another on different levels including learning to share, cooperation and resolving disputes. Encourage cooperation by installing games such as activity panels and wall games, and including seating areas like buddy benches where children can just simply talk with one another.

Environmental Awareness
Outdoor classrooms enable teachers to provide outdoor learning experiences within the curriculum. Imagine your students being able to read in fresh air under a pergola or have a science lesson protected from the elements under a gazebo. You can even include sides and a chalkboard!

Getting anyone to improve their ability to sustain physical activity over a period of time can be difficult if they’re not engaged or stimulated by their environment. Climbing frames, MUGAs and trim trails are all designed to keep students interested in exercise whilst improving their endurance.

Creating playgrounds where children can stimulate their senses can help them to learn. Outdoor musical instruments link to sound, mud kitchens and sand pits encourage touch, and planters to grow herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables stimulates smell. You could even install a sensory path with lots of different colours and patterns!

Cover both gross motor skills (i.e. running, jumping, climbing) and fine motor skills (i.e. gripping, reaching, balancing) by installing a variety of different types of playground equipment for schools. Play towers, climbing walls, monkey bars, stepping stones and balance beams can help children develop their coordination skills.

Creating the perfect playground for your school can be the most enjoyable experience when you think of the end goal. Imagining the children’s reaction to a whole new environment and seeing them experience new things brings its own rewards however with budget constraints and the reduction of grants, it can be difficult to implement.

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