In recent years the budget belt has been getting tighter for schools, making it more important that schools save budget where they can. In this article, we look at some of the core area’s your school could save money, and even generate some!

We know schools are looking to cut down on their expenses as their annual budgets get smaller. But, with many complicated areas to manage, where can you look to save on expense? We’ve highlighted below some of the key area’s you can look at. If you’re looking for more detail or ideas on what you can do, have a look at our new eGuide that looks at the same topic.


Are there any contracts or agreements that you could reduce the cost on?


Do some of your neighbouring schools have staff with the skills you need? Why not ‘trade’ staff for a day to do training, instead of spending money on an outside source?

Census day

Were all of your students on the premises during census day? Could there have been more pupils on site?


How can your school save on long-term expenses? Energy, lighting etc.


Could your school’s facilities be used by people outside of school hours? Do you have a gym you could charge access too?


Are you wasting money on advertising? Could you deal with some things like social media in-house?

Per-pupil funding

Are your students claiming the benefits their entitled too, such as Free School Meals?

School meals

Speaking of school meals, are the students who are eligible, claiming them? Parents might not even be aware that this is an option, so why not send out a letter/email at the start of the year?

Bring services in-house

Could you up-skill some staff to reduce outsourced expenses?


Reduce traditional expenses like printing and paper by moving over to a more modern approach, text and email messaging.

Old equipment

Instead of binning that old table and chairs, why not put it up for sale? You’d be amazed at what people would buy.

For more money saving tips for schools, check out the full eGuide here.

Money saving tips for schools