17th January 2024 marks the start of Energy Saving Week which is a national campaign designed to educate students and encourage schools to save energy where possible. Here are 5 tips for how schools can save energy produced by their equipment.

1. Replace paper towels with hand dryers
Eco-friendly hand dryers suitable for use by children can cost less from financial and carbon emission perspectives. Although recycled paper towels are a ‘greener’ alternative, once they’re used, they can’t be recycled again. Leasing hand dryers can enhance your bathrooms and save overall energy at the same time.

2. Convert to LED lighting
If your school hasn’t upgraded its lighting to LED fixtures, now is the time to do so. From our experience over the last few years, it’s by far the biggest energy and budget saving solution for schools. By leasing LED lighting solutions, your school could benefit from extra money in the budget from day one!

3. Automatically turn devices off
Set timers on your computer network to shut down and restart computers so they’re not left on when the school is closed. If you need to upgrade your server, computers or tablets to do this but don’t have the budget to do it, let us know and we’ll show you how leasing could allow you to complete this.

4. Install storage heaters
Optimise your heating system by changing standard radiators for storage heaters. You can program the heaters to distribute heat for certain times in the day at a particular temperature. Some heaters can even detect if a window is open so it remains out of use and continues to store the heat. Your school can lease storage heaters and begin saving energy straight away.

5. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances
Take a look around the school kitchen and see what appliances you can replace with sustainable equipment. You can lease new environmentally friendly items such as ovens, extraction, refrigeration, dishwashers and even washing machines so not only will the school be saving energy, it’ll fit in with your budget too!

If you’d like help with saving energy in your school today by upgrading to sustainable equipment, contact us today on 01625 415 400 or email your project list to hello@f4e.co.uk.