Ever heard of “buy cheap, buy twice”?

We recently worked with a school in Somerset who came to us when they wanted to lease new micro PCs for their IT suite however the school decided to select its own supplier based solely on cost and the particular supplier had its own leasing facilities in place – we totally understood that the school needed to try and save money wherever they could.

However, within just a few weeks the school came back to us as the supplier they chose couldn’t deliver the solution they urgently needed, and anything they could deliver had a rather misleading lead time…they overpromised and underdelivered! It meant that the school faced wasting more time and the students’ learning continued to be negatively impacted. With this in mind, the school asked us to step in and help them.

Whist the original three supplier quotes we obtained were a little more expensive, the solutions ticked the boxes and the suppliers had been approved by us ensuring the school would be looked after – peace of mind is key. The overall objective was to achieve best value however that didn’t mean the ‘cheapest price’ as it must be fit for purpose. The school were able to achieve this with full transparency during the whole process and their Account Manager held their hand throughout.

Fast forward a few days and the school was equipped with a complete solution, ready to enhance the learning experience and give their IT team one less thing to worry about. In fact, they said our service alone was worth every penny! They even sent their Account Manager a bunch of flowers from the school to thank them for all their help!

At Funding 4 Education we don’t sell equipment or products, so you will never be just another sale or number to us. We work with suppliers to simply provide solutions to schools who need it, and the customer service we offer is always at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on being friendly, helpful and doing everything we can to support each and every one of our schools and

If your school is looking to upgrade its equipment and would like to explore one of our flexible leasing plans, contact us on 01625 415 400 or send your enquiry to hello@f4e.co.uk.