With budgets getting smaller and the number of students increasing, there’s an additional pressure on resources and space to accommodate the growing number of learners. Many schools have turned to modular buildings over traditional building extensions to overcome the time-consuming planning and implementation process. There are so many other reasons and it all depends on what schools wish to use the space for. Here are some examples of how schools have used modular buildings to create safe spaces for their students…

1. Classroom
When schools experience an increase in student numbers, having the space to accommodate them can be a struggle. Using a modular building for a classroom means you can expand very quickly in a cost-effective way, without having to wait for lengthy construction projects.

2. Gym
Customise your modular gym with flooring, hygiene facilities and gym equipment to create the perfect active environment for your school. Having a separate facility that can be hired out to the public during after school hours can generate revenue to put towards the lease.

3. Sensory Room
With many spaces in schools being converted to classrooms to expand space for additional students, it can be difficult to find room for specialist environments like sensory rooms. Leasing a modular building for your sensory needs can give your school a dedicated space within 12 weeks!

4. Catering Pod
Facility constraints can be easily resolved by leasing catering pods which can be built with cooking, refrigeration and payment facilities. If you’re a school who rents outdoor facilities to external organisations over the weekend, opening up your catering pod could generate additional income.

5. Supportive Learning Space
Customise your modular building to create an individualised learning space dedicated to students who require extra support. The tranquil environment should be stimulating, engaging and allow students to solely focus on their work away from any distractions.

6. Break Areas
Everyone needs to have some space to switch off and leasing a separate, dedicated environment for students, or staff, to take a breather from their lessons in order to refocus, can help to increase productivity. You could include soft furnishings and even vending machines.

7. Forest School
The pandemic presented the world with an opportunity to spend more time outdoors and leasing a modular building to create a forest school shelter can encourage nature-based learning, hands-on exploration and support children’s holistic development.

8. Changing Rooms
Leasing a modular building and transforming it into changing rooms means you can expand your current facilities particularly if you’re lacking room. Designed with privacy, hygiene and sanitisation in mind, you can ensure your facilities are accessible for everyone.

9. Library
Due to the increase in student numbers, a lot of schools had to sacrifice their libraries and convert them to classrooms. If your school is looking to have a dedicated space for children to explore their imagination through reading, leasing a modular building could open the door to a whole new world.

10. Changing Rooms
Leasing a multipurpose modular building to cater for children who have yet to reach school age can assist the transition to school and help the community all at the same time. Include themed areas like reading corners and soft play areas to keep children engaged from an early age.

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