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Lease High-Quality Catering Equipment for Exceptional School Dinners!

By choosing to lease your catering equipment, your school can enjoy the benefits of having modern, efficient, and reliable tools in your canteen kitchen. Upgrading your school canteen equipment can enhance the overall efficiency of food preparation, streamline operations, and contribute to providing healthier and more appealing meals for students.

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Cook up a storm with state-of-the-art equipment in your School Canteen!

Leasing any of the below and more to equip your school canteen allows for a smoother experience by staff and students.

Canteen oven

Combi Ovens

Modern and versatile, combi ovens offer schools a convenient way to cook, steam, and bake various dishes simultaneously, maximising efficiency.



Designed for high-volume usage, these efficient dishwashers make the cleaning process a breeze, ensuring school kitchen staff can maintain hygiene standards without the hassle.

Canteen Refrigeration


Reliable and spacious refrigeration solutions cater to schools' storage needs, keeping food fresh and safe, and helping schools efficiently manage their inventory.

canteen hot cupboard

Hot Cupboards

Hot cupboards keep food warm and ready-to-serve, ensuring that students enjoy hot meals during meal times and reducing waiting time in the cafeteria.

canteen display units

Display Units and Counters

Eye-catching display units and counters enhance the visual appeal of school canteens, encouraging students to make healthier meal choices.

cleaning machines

Cleaning Machines

With powerful and effective cleaning machines, schools can maintain a clean and sanitised environment effortlessly, ensuring a safe and healthy space for students and staff.

canteen vending machine

Vending Machines

Convenient and accessible, vending machines offer schools a selection of snacks and beverages, providing students with quick refueling options during breaks or after-school hours.

canteen coffee machine

Coffee Machines

For staff rooms and faculty lounges, coffee machines serve as a reliable source of freshly brewed coffee, helping educators stay energised and focused throughout the day.

canteen water machine

Water Coolers

Promoting hydration, water coolers provide access to clean and refreshing drinking water, encouraging students and staff to stay hydrated and maintain optimal productivity.

What are the benefits of leasing catering equipment?

Access to the latest Equipment

Leasing allows schools to equip their canteen kitchens with up-to-date appliances thatincorporate the latest technology and features. This ensures that students can enjoy mealsprepared with modern, efficient, and high-quality equipment.

Budget-Friendly Solution

Leasing catering equipment offers a budget-friendly solution for schools. Rather than making asignificant upfront purchase, leasing allows schools to spread out the cost over time withmanageable monthly payments.

Reduced Maintenance

Older catering equipment tends to require more frequent repairs and maintenance, leading to increased downtime and higher operating costs. By investing in up-to-date equipment, schoolscan benefit from reduced maintenance needs, as modern appliances are often more durable and reliable.

What Leasing options can you use for your school Canteen Equipment?

Listed below are the most popular options for spreading the cost of canteen equipment in schools.

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