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Power Up Your School's Fitness: Lease Gym Equipment for Peak Performance!

Allow Funding 4 Education to help lift the weight of those budget pressures by leasing your school’s gym equipment. Tailoring your lease option to suit your school’s needs and creating a strengthening environment for your students to grow.

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Lease the Power of Fitness!

Explore our Comprehensive Fitness Equipment Leasing Options

Give your school gym an uplift by leasing the below equipment and much, much more…

gym equipment treadmill


Our leasing program offers high-quality treadmills for school gyms, allowing students and faculty to enjoy the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Leasing treadmills provides schools with a cost-effective way to provide students with an essential workout without the upfront investment.

excercise bike

Exercise Bikes

Lease exercise bikes for your school gym to offer students a low-impact and effective cardiovascular workout. These stationary bikes come in various styles, including upright and recumbent, providing comfort and versatility for users. Leasing exercise bikes allows schools to provide a valuable fitness option without committing to a long-term investment.

gym flooring

Gym Flooring

Our leasing options for gym flooring ensure a safe and supportive environment for students engaging in physical activities. Whether it's rubber or foam flooring, our leasing program offers durability and protection against impact-related injuries. Leasing gym flooring provides schools with flexibility and the ability to upgrade or change the flooring as needed.

Suspension Trainer

Suspension Trainer

Lease suspension trainers for your school gym to introduce students to a versatile training experience. These adjustable straps leverage bodyweight for resistance exercises, targeting various muscle groups. Leasing suspension trainers allows schools to offer dynamic workouts without a significant upfront cost.

cross Trainer

Cross Trainer

Leasing cross trainers provide students with a low-impact, full-body workout that enhances cardiovascular fitness. These machines engage both upper and lower body muscles simultaneously. Leasing cross trainers enables schools to provide an efficient workout option without committing to long-term ownership.

strength machine

Strength Machines

Lease strength machines to offer students the opportunity to engage in targeted resistance training. These machines isolate specific muscle groups and come with guided movements for proper form. Leasing strength machines allows schools to diversify their gym equipment without straining their budget.

power rack

Power Racks

Lease power racks to equip your school gym with a safe and versatile platform for weightlifting exercises. Power racks provide adjustable safety features for exercises like squats and bench presses. Leasing power racks allows schools to facilitate strength training without the full upfront expense.

rowing machine

Rowing Machines

Lease rowing machines to introduce students to a low-impact, full-body workout that simulates rowing a boat. These machines enhance cardiovascular fitness and strengthen multiple muscle groups. Leasing rowing machines provides schools with an affordable option to offer a well-rounded fitness experience.


Free Weights

Lease free weights, such as dumbbells and barbells, to provide students with versatile and effective strength training equipment. Free weights target multiple muscle groups, promoting functional movements and muscle development. Leasing free weights allows schools to offer a foundational strength training option without significant capital outlay.

What are the benefits of leasing your gym equipment?

Enhance Financial Efficiency with Gym Equipment Leasing

With our tailored leasing plans, schools have the flexibility to adapt their gym equipment as their fitness program evolves. You can easily add or upgrade equipment to meet changing needs or accommodate new fitness trends.

Cost Savings

Leasing gym equipment offers schools a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing outright. Leasing allows schools to spread out the cost over time with manageable monthly payments, preserving their budget for other educational needs.

Access to Modern and Varied Equipment

Leasing gym equipment provides schools with access to a wide range of modern and varied equipment. Leasing allows schools to keep up with the latest fitness trends and provide equipment that meets the evolving needs and interests of their students.

Flexibility and Scalability

Leasing offers schools flexibility and scalability as their fitness program evolves. Schools caneasily add or upgrade equipment to meet changing needs or accommodate growing studentpopulations.

Affordable Leasing Options for School Gym Equipment!

Listed below are the most popular options for spreading the cost on schools gym equipment.

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