With school budgets getting what appears to be forever tighter, a spread payment option might be the facility your school is looking for, to get the equipment it needs. Leasing, however, goes so much further than just aiding with restricting budgets and that’s why in this article we’re looking at some of the main reasons schools should be leasing their equipment.

📅 Affordable Payments

Let’s start with the most obvious. Leasing your school’s equipment is quite similar to financing a car. Instead of paying upfront at the dealership you can instead spread the cost over a few years and whilst you pay for the car you get full use of it. You can do the same thing with your school’s equipment by choosing to lease it! For more information on school leasing, check out our Lease Learning Centre for Schools here.

🔍 Support with finding an equipment provider.

Good leasing providers will work with both supplier and end customer because of this your lease provider might be able to point you in the direction of some top-notch equipment providers, but remember, the decision on who you choose to supply your schools equipment is ultimately down to you. For more details on this, check out our ‘Do you know what to look for when choosing an equipment supplier?’ article.

⚙️ Access to the latest technologies from a range of suppliers.

Creditable lease providers not only be work with schools, but also a wide range of suppliers that supply a wide range of equipment. Anything from playgrounds, kitchens to new IT equipment a great lease provider will be able to help you with it all! If you’re not sure if the equipment you’re looking for can be leased, check out our ‘Did you know you can lease’ series, or get in touch with our team today!

🔄 Easy to upgrade your equipment

One of the biggest benefits of leasing is that at the end of the agreement, your school will be given the option to upgrade your equipment. This allows your school to always be ahead of the game and have the most up to date equipment, allowing you to provide the best resources for your students whilst avoiding the large upfront costs if you were to purchase the equipment outright. If you are upgrading the equipment as well and still have some old assets, it may be possible for the upgrade to be discounted depending on your supplier and lease provider.

🏁 Easy to add additional equipment

If you begin an Agreement and partway through realise you may need more, you can easily add additional equipment without having to start all over!

🗑️ Low-Cost Disposal

An experienced school leasing provider will bring the advantage of managing the disposal of old equipment, this will be in accordance with current legislation and local authority requirements.

Before selecting your lease provider we suggest you take a look at this article, which looks at the major things to consider before financing your new school equipment. If you have any question about leasing, feel free to ask our team today!