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Leasing maintenance equipment: Unlocking efficiency without breaking the budget

Maintenance equipment plays a vital role in keeping your school environment safe and clean. From robotic cleaning machine and ride-on lawnmowers to maintain your ground surfaces to heating systems that store warmth and EV chargers that play a role in reducing your school’s carbon footprint…you can lease them all!

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Spruce up your school with leasing!

With the ever-changing needs of educational establishments, leasing maintenance equipment has become a popular choice, allowing schools to access the cutting-edge technology listed below without straining their budgets.

scrubber dryers

Scrubber Dryers

Efficiently clean and maintain school floors with our state-of-the-art scrubber dryers, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for students and staff.

floor sweepers

Floor Sweepers

Keep school premises spotless with our powerful floor sweepers, designed to swiftly remove dust and debris, promoting a tidy and pleasant learning atmosphere.

ride on lawnmower

Ride-on Lawnmowers

Maintain school lawns effortlessly with our ride-on lawnmowers, providing a well-groomed outdoor space that fosters a conducive learning environment.



Achieve pristine classrooms and offices effortlessly with our high-performance vacuums, designed for effective and hassle-free cleaning.

composting machine

Composting Machine

Create environmental awareness and sustainability within your school by utilising our composting machine, turning organic waste into nutrient-rich compost for greener grounds.


Air Conditioning

Create an ideal learning environment by optimising temperature and comfort with our advanced air conditioning systems, ensuring students can focus on their studies undisturbed.

hand dryer

Hand Dryers

Promote hygiene and reduce paper waste with our energy-efficient hand dryers, providing a convenient and eco-friendly solution for drying hands in school restrooms.

heating system

Heating Systems

Ensure a warm and cozy ambiance throughout the school year with our reliable heating systems, contributing to a conducive learning atmosphere during colder months.

ev charging

EV charging

Embrace eco-consciousness and support electric vehicles with our EV charging stations, encouraging sustainability and environmental responsibility within the school community.

Why schools lease maintenance equipment?

Leasing cleaning machines, lawnmowers, and EV chargers for schools offers several benefits:

Promote sustainability

Large upfront costs for maintenance equipment such as ride-on lawnmowers and storage heaters can affect a sustainable budget. Leasing these items makes it easier to sustain your budget whilst storage heaters can save you money on your energy bills.

Reduce maintenance time

Leasing new maintenance equipment means you can keep your resources constantly up to date and reduce the likeliness of spending time, and more importantly money, on fixing old equipment that’s no longer in warranty.

Fixed payments

The lease payments won’t change throughout the agreement making it easier to budget alongside any part-time or agency staff hired to complete any maintenance. Everyone loves financial certainty!

Get exactly what you want

Leasing maintenance equipment allows you to stop looking for equipment that only fits in with your budget this academic year. Choose your ideal machine and let leasing take care of the rest by spreading the payments but achieving your objectives at the same time.

What leasing options can you use for maintenance equipment?

The plans listed below are the most popular options for spreading the cost of maintenance equipment.

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