In today article we’re continuing our ‘Did you know you can lease…’ series by asking the question, did you know you can lease your schools music equipment. No? Well here’s some examples of musically equipment you can lease!

1. Grand Pianos
2. Disklavier
3. Celesta
4. Double Basses
5. Saxophones
6. Flutes
7. Marimbas
8. Steel Drums
9. Vibraphones
10. PA Systems
11. French Horns
12. Tubas And so much more!


Music equipment and leasing. At first glance these don’t seem like two things that should fit hand in hand with one another. In reality, it’s a match made in heaven! Kitting out your schools music suite can be a costly venture. By choosing to lease the equipment you can get all of the equipment you want, without having to save up for it!

If your school is looking to leasing some new music equipment, get in touch with our specialist team today! We’re always happy to help and answer any queries you may have! 🙂