EdTech is becoming more and more popular in the classroom. It’s providing students and teachers with more learning resources while also creating a personalised learning environment. The other week education secretary Damian Hinds announced a £10 million EdTech strategy for schools all over the UK, calling for an EdTech revolution. His aim to do it through a five-point challenge. Yet the slight disadvantage of EdTech is that it can end up becoming quite expensive, especially on school’s tight budgets.

Here are multiple ways that can help your school take advantage of EdTech and the educational resources it can offer, without spending your budget all in one go.


One option for your school is to consider leasing. Leasing allows you to have access to high-tech equipment, but you won’t have to fork out the large amounts of money all at once, but rather in monthly, quarterly or annually payments suited to you.

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Consider using tablets

Instead of buying expensive monitors which take up more storage space, consider investing in iPad’s as an alternative. IPads have thousands of learning resources and are small and efficient to have around the classroom. IPads have all the resources that computers can offer you, plus allow you to even install education apps which you can’t get on desktops including

(To find out all the different ways IPads can be used in the classroom, read our previous blog post)

Make use of free online resources

Nowadays, there are hundreds of free online resources available to help with your teaching, including YouTube videos, presentation websites such as Prezi and article blogs. Making the most out of these free resources enables you to make learning more fun and have a wide range of sources.  These resources can include the likes of google drive, which allows you to make a collaborative platform for all students, but also can give them access to make documents, slideshows or spreadsheets without having to pay for the software.


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