The Mission

The existing playground installed at the school was in memory of a pupil who had sadly passed away over a decade ago. The playground included a trim trail that had been installed on to the grass which, despite being enjoyed by thousands of pupils over the years, wasn’t suitable during the winter. Unfortunately, over time the state of the equipment deteriorated and despite regular, costly maintenance coming out of the budget each year, it was eventually condemned by Health and Safety.

Main objective: To complete the playground refurbishment by September 2021

This meant that the pupils of the school were no longer able to play on the ‘fun’ equipment and instead had to look at what they were missing out on from afar. It was time to stop with the maintenance and upgrade the facilities in full, especially during a pandemic when outdoor activities are preferred.

The Strategy

The school had to obtain 3 quotes from different suppliers, one of which had a long-standing relationship with Funding 4 Education. The suppliers were chosen on the back of recommendations received from other schools. Each had to come up with a plan to suit the school’s requirements. One of the important factors when choosing the supplier was that their service had to be professional throughout the whole process.

The specification for the new playground had to take into account the original trim trail design as it had such sentimental value to the school. Ideally, the school wanted the equipment to be installed on to safety surfacing which made the area suitable for the children to play on all year round. In addition to this, the school required two sports walls to be installed on their playground which included a basket ball unit, cricket stumps and targets. Further surfacing work was required such as rubber mulch to be installed under balance equipment and a running track for the children.

‘F4E has enabled us to open over 1000m2 of play area that can be used all year round. The leasing process is very easy – no lengthy documentation. Great communication during the whole process allows the school to get the best deal and equipment’ – Business Manager

With the school still in the midst of the pandemic, it was preferable for them to lease the playground, allowing them to keep their contingency funds available, particularly if further measures were to be introduced during the winter period or unexpected events occurred.

The Result

Mission complete! The refurbishment was completed by the end of August and the children now have a brand new, safe and fun play environment to enjoy. Here’s a before and after picture of the trim trail:

The school have a lease payment plan where they know exactly what they’re paying and what will happen during the agreement, giving them financial certainty and plenty of smiles on the faces of their pupils – all very rewarding.


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