Let’s face it, students love throwing a ‘sickie’. Not only does it mean they get to lay around in their PJ’s all day, it gives them a little adrenaline kick when they have come up with their excuse that won’t land them in trouble. In this article, were going to look at some of the most common excuses students and parents give, to get a day out of school.

1. The old faithful

Without a shadow of a doubt, the classic ‘I’m not feeling well’ is the most used, not only by students but also parents. Especially so during September, when everyone’s body clocks aren’t used to being up at 7am and staying bed looks o’so cosy.

2. Ill for a week

Now this isn’t normally the students fault. Parents who want a cheaper holiday normal book them just either side of term time. This is often when a student will suddenly be ‘Ill for a week’ and need to be absent. We all know they’re not ill, they’re sunning it up on a beach somewhere – and we’re all jealous.

3. The appointment

A year round favourite, ‘I have a last minute appointment’, is a classic still used by thousands of people a day. It’s no wonder the UK’s healthcare can’t handle all these patients when they all turn up without notice :/.

4. The unbelievable

Some people are just born with the gift of the gab. And that’s why you’ll often hear stories so convoluted, you just don’t want to dispute them.

5. The traffic Jam

Umm, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never encountered a traffic jam that’s taken 8 hours to get through. They might make you be late, but miss an entire day? I don’t be thinking so. You’ll often hear the ‘my car broken down so Jimmy can’t come into day’ one too… We’ll just ignore that Jimmy lives 3 doors away from the school.

6. The infestation

A common excuse for primary school children / parents, ‘My child has lice’. Nobody wants to be around a person with lice, because they don’t want to catch them. And no school wants an outbreak of lice amongst its students. This is often paired with being ‘Ill for a week’ by parents.

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