Having a modern playground in your school, not only improves the look of your school but it can also boosts your pupil’s enjoyment, activity and can even improve their learning by increasing their focus. In light of this, we’ve put together some of the best benefits that a new school playground can have on schools.

Encourages outdoor playing and other activities ⚽

Technological advancements may be making it harder for students to be tempted to play outside, yet installing colourful, exciting playground equipment may make it a lot more likely that students will be attracted outside and can use their break and lunch times in the fresh air rather than sat inside.

Improves the physical health of children 🤸

Are you wanting new exciting ways to make sure students are getting their hour of exercise a day? Adding new playground equipment may be the way for this. You could add an outside gym filled with press up bars, sky steeps or rowers. Or maybe a running track around the playground may be more suited to you. Either way installing playground equipment may help you keep improving student’s physical health and ensure they’re getting the right amount of exercise a day, while making it fun.

Develops social skills among pupils 💬

Having new playground equipment can boost student’s engagement with each other as they explore the new equipment and the different games, they can create on it. Equipment such as adventure trails or even see saws may be perfect for this, as they can be played in pairs or groups.

Develops pupils creativity 🎨

Are you looking for new ways to keep boosting your student’s imagination and creativity? New playground such as sand boxes, waterplay or sensory gardens can help students embrace their creativity!

Improves pupils learning 🎓

Have you been looking for new ideas for outside learning lessons? Using new playground equipment may be a perfect way to do this! You can create a whole space for children to learn new things, including a storytelling bench or educational markings on the ground.

Supports mental health 😀

With an increasing number of young people feeling stressed, it is important to have a focus on the mental as well as physical health of students, especially at school. Children will benefit from being active, as it feels like an escape from the academic pressures they have to face. Children will find more enjoyment from being active in a playground with new, modern equipment and embrace their outside adventures.

As you look out onto your school playground, do you feel like it needs a refresh or some new equipment added? We can help! Our spread payment options are a perfect way for your school to get the playground of its dreams, without being limited by your budget! Request a call today for more information.