As technology continues to advance, especially in schools, more and more resources are becoming available to help improve education and the learning environment. One piece of equipment that is becoming more popular is 3D Printers. We’ve created this article to show why they are beneficial to schools and how to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.

The Benefits

🔬 New Learning possibilities

Students can learn the design process and then can see their designs be brought to life allowing them to interact with and use their finished product. Through 3D printing students can use their imagination and creativity more than ever before!

🎺 Access to Learning Materials

If you’re wanting to have access to a certain resource to help make learning more interactive, you may now be able to through 3D Printing. With a 3D printer at hand, you could print resources such as interactive maps or a musical instrument.

✨ Creates excitement and engagement

3D printing helps bring a new level of excitement to the classroom. Instead of everyday textbooks or reading, students can have a modern, stimulating hands-on activity that may also help improve the schools Design Tech departments and encourage more student to participate.

💭 Encourages creativity and innovation

The possibilities of what students can achieve through 3D printing are unlimited, this can encourage students to use their imagination to the max and think about all the different ways they can be innovative and create something brand new with the machines.

💡 Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Teachers can set students tasks to create resources with the 3D printing, which they can then use to solve different problems that may be happening around school.

💵 Affordable teaching tool

3D Printers are no longer in the thousands of pounds that they used to be. Even with this in mind, instead of spending all of your budget why not looking into leasing one through our F4E flexible payment plans.


How to use the 3D printers in different subjects

🌎 Geography

Do your students struggle with the locations of countries or you’re looking for new ways to teach them? Why not create an interactive map with the 3D printer.


Students could print out their maths problems to solve in their own space. For example, younger years could print out blocks to help with their sums.

🧬 Science

3D Printing can let teachers print out molecular model sets or maybe even rockets to help bring in astrology.

🏺 History 

For projects, students can create their own replicas of historical artifacts, perhaps something from Tutankhamun tomb or a statue from the Stone Age.

🤖 Robotics

Arguably, one of the main subjects to benefit from 3D printing is robotics. Students can now create complex prototypes quicker than ever, letting them build all the robots they can imagine.


Are you interested in bringing 3D printing and all its amazing benefits into your school, but not sure how to work it around your budget? Give us a call and speak to one of our Customer Care Specialists by requesting a callback! We’re here to help! 😊