School budgets have felt the squeeze over the years but none so more than now. With multiple elements affecting them, any innovative solutions that’ll help them through this time are being warmly welcomed. Leasing is playing a big part in this where schools must continue to invest in their learning environment whilst juggling salary increases, inflation and high energy bills.


Suppliers who provide equipment to schools can assist by proactively offering leasing. Here are 5 reasons why:


1. Schools are choosing between new equipment and their bills

High inflation has resulted in an increase in costs to almost everything. A high number of schools are putting new equipment investment on hold so they can manage the increase in general costs. Make it a win-win situation for them whereby they can afford to pay their bills AND invest in their school.


2. Energy bill rollercoaster

Whilst the Department for Education have contributed towards the increase in energy costs for schools, there’s still uncertainty around how high their bills will become and if help will be available to them on an ongoing basis. Leasing new equipment can protect their contingency funds and help prevent schools from falling into a deficit.

Worried Business Manager holding up energy bill

3. Other suppliers are offering it

Schools who are looking for new equipment tend to get three quotes and if your offering doesn’t have a leasing option, that may eliminate you from the process. Ensure you’ve given schools every reason to choose you by proactively showing them what leasing your solution would look like.


4. Allow schools to plan for the future

The uncertainty in the world and not knowing how much things are going to be makes it much harder for anyone to plan anything, let alone schools who are responsible for our children’s education. The good new is that lease payments don’t change throughout the agreement therefore making it easy to budget for and if there’s one thing School Business Manager’s love…it’s financial certainty!


5. Take advantage of today’s equipment price, not tomorrow’s inflation

Throughout the pandemic, markets were extremely volatile and equipment prices rose exponentially. Whilst prices have stabilised slightly, inflation is still affecting them. For schools who don’t have the capital available but are desperate for your solution, leasing is perfect for them! They can have the solution installed at today’s price instead of waiting to pay more in their next budget year.


If you’re a supplier not offering leasing, or looking for a specialist education leasing company, contact us on 01625 415 400 now and make it easier for schools to say “yes” to your solution!