With hybrid and electrical cars becoming more popular in recent years, more and more electric vehicle (EV) chargers are being installed across the country. A modern day, common feature of commercial and public car parks, education establishments whose staff and visitors use electric vehicles are seeing an increase in demand for this facility.

Single or double?

If your car park allows, your school could save money by having double charging bays instead of single charging units. Charging would then be available for cars parked next to one another.

EV Car Charging with Phone App

Charging for electricity

Some manufacturers have apps that connect to the chargers and allow administrator users to set chargeable rates for electricity used by staff and, if your school would prefer to, charge visitors more. Dependent on the electricity charge, your school could potentially use the EV chargers to generate income and boost its budget.

NetZero 2030

Schools across the UK are aiming to cut carbon emissions to reach net-zero status by 2030.  From promoting healthy living by walking the daily mile, cutting food waste and reviewing sources of energy, having EV chargers installed are a positive step towards achieving carbon neutrality.

If your school is looking to invest in “green technology” such as EV chargers, contact us on 01625 415 400 to see how we can help you fit it into your budget.