With budgets getting tighter, schools are exploring different ways they can innovate to overcome restrictions and increased costs. Here’s how one school transformed their cleaning resources by leasing a robotic cleaning machine and mini robotic vacuum cleaners…

Where did you discover the robotic cleaning machine?
We worked with a cleaning consultant who recommended the machine as we were struggling to recruit cleaning staff due to our location.

What were the reasons for investing in a robotic cleaning machine?
Investing in the robotic machine enabled us to fulfil our hygiene requirements without having to worry about recruitment. One other thing it resolved was staff absences which normally results in areas of the school not being cleaned. The machine supplements our cleaning resources in school.

Why did you choose to lease the robotic cleaning machine?
Leasing makes it easier for us to budget. It allows us to free up resources for other priorities in school which are teaching and learning. It’s an obvious choice because when the equipment gets to the end of its shelf life, we simply upgrade to new equipment. Funding 4 Education also offer flexible options at the end.

How did you find the leasing process with F4E?
Fab! No problems at all. The process is very simple and straightforward.

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