Mental health is a critical factor for teachers to stay productive and successful in their job. The demands of teaching can be taxing on the mental wellbeing of teachers, leading to increased stress, anxiety, and burnout.

It is important for teachers to recognise the signs of mental health issues and take steps to address them. This can include engaging in self-care activities such as exercise and making time for relaxation, seeking professional help when needed and building a supportive community of fellow teachers. By creating an environment that supports mental health, teachers can ensure that they are able to provide their students with the best possible education.

We spoke to some of our customers to find out what they have in place to look after their teachers. Here’s what they shared with us:

1. Emotional support animals – We spoke to a number of schools and Academies that have a support dog that is beneficial to students as well as teachers, some even have support chickens!

2. Support lines – Many schools have introduced a support line so their staff members have a safe place to talk and give feedback

3. Email boundaries – One Trust we spoke with has a strict ‘no emails after lunch’ policy on Fridays to ensure staff can maintain a work life balance

4. Check-in coffee mornings – Getting together over a cup of coffee is a great way to stay connected and put the world to rights; it’s no different for teachers. A few of our schools have introduced this idea for their staff to check in with and support each other.

5. Mentoring sessions – Other schools have set aside some of their budget to spend on additional staff mentoring if the teachers feel they need some extra support.

Taking these steps and keeping the conversation open can help us to better manage stress and cope with difficult emotions. Supporting our mental health is essential for living a happy and healthy life!

If you’re in need of support, advice or urgent help, please visit MIND who can recommend suitable services for you.