With the advancement of technology making it possible for an entire film to be shot and edited just using an iPhone, it’s no wonder more schools are looking at ways to improve their media offering for their curriculum. With lessons like photography and film and media studies becoming more popular to students, schools now more than ever are investing in technology and bespoke solutions in order for students to thrive in these subjects.

Across the country, schools have created state-of-the-art resources such as TV studios with virtual set technology, location filming and recording equipment, cinema facilities and radio stations. Allowing pupils to have access to technology like this encourages technical skills with production equipment and software, as well as uncovering their creative ambitions. The use of digital media and the education behind the study also supports career prospects in fields like journalism, multimedia, photography, technology, public service and more.

Media studies in general enables students to demonstrate critical thinking, decision-making and analysis. The subject nurtures the appreciation for mass media and cinema, as well as the history behind it and how it’s impacted culture and society. Having the skills and education in these subjects from a secondary school level can also help students hit the ground running when it comes to building on these in a higher learning environment.

With the range of equipment needed, schools can start small with a video camera and tripod, microphone bundles and lighting, and build up to advanced audio recording studios and green-screen newsrooms. They can also choose to introduce their students to media software such iKitMovie and Clip Studio for animation as well as iMovie and Machete Video Editor Lite for editing film and video.

And with a fully equipped media department, who knows, your school could be shaping the next generation of filmmakers!

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