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Innovative leasing: Discover your students’ creativity with our flexible leasing options

Has your Design and Technology teaching environment been limited by budgets? Our bespoke leasing plans for schools can help you to unlock your students’ potential.


Leasing for the inventors of tomorrow!

Provide an environment for your students with our design and technology equipment leases for schools which can include:

3d printer

3D Printers

Enhance creativity and problem-solving skills in students by leasing 3D printers. These cutting-edge devices allow students to bring their designs to life, creating a hands-on learning experiences.

laser cutter

Laser Cutters

Transform ideas into reality with laser cutter leasing. From intricate designs to precise cuts, these machines provide a safe and efficient way for students to explore various materials and unleash their artistic potential.



Perfect for woodworking and metalworking projects, bandsaws offer schools a versatile tool for creating intricate shapes and curves. With proper guidance, students can gain practical skills and create impressive projects with ease.

pillar drill

Pillar Drills

Teach students the importance of accuracy and precision with pillar drills. These tools enable them to drill consistent and controlled holes in a range of materials, making them invaluable for engineering and construction projects.



Introduce students to the fascinating world of turning and shaping materials with lathes. These machines help develop fine motor skills and teach principles of symmetry and balance while enabling the creation of unique objects like bowls and candlesticks.


Extraction Systems

Prioritise safety and promote a healthy learning environment with extraction systems. Whether used with 3D printers or laser cutters, these systems efficiently remove fumes, particles, and dust, ensuring the well-being of both students and staff.

sewing machine

Sewing Machines

Encourage students to explore the realm of textiles and fashion design with sewing machines. From basic stitching to intricate embroidery, these machines nurture creativity and practical skills in the world of textiles.



The backbone of any maker space or workshop, workbenches offer students a sturdy platform to work on various projects. These benches provide ample space and organisation for tools, enabling efficient and enjoyable hands-on learning experiences.


Brazing Hearths

Introduce students to the art of metal joining with brazing hearths. These specialised tools allow students to explore metallurgy and gain valuable skills in metal fabrication and repair.

Is the equipment you're looking to lease not listed above? Get in touch with our schools team today to find out if we can help!

What are the advantages of leasing Design and Technology equipment?

Design and Technology equipment is a big investment which can put pressure on the department and the finance team to fit it into the budget, particularly when a machine breaks. Let’s explore how leasing can be used to the school’s advantage…

Preserve Capital

Contingency funds normally used for hiring staff, building maintenance and educational supplies can remain intact by leasing equipment for Design and Technology as there are no large upfront costs.

Servicing and Support

Leasing Design and Technology equipment can include servicing plans, extended warranties and technical support to provide you with peace of mind throughout the agreement.

Reduce Downtime

Owning faulty equipment has a detrimental effect on lesson planning and curriculum delivery however by leasing Design and Technology equipment, you’re able to keep your resources up to date and create a modern learning environment for students to thrive.

Fully Equipped Workshops

Design and Technology equipment leases for schools can include a wide variety of machines, appliances, tools and furniture meaning you don’t have to choose which areas to put off until the next budget year and can invest in a full refurbishment without the pressure of paying outright.

What leasing options can you use for design and technology equipment?

Listed below are the most popular options for spreading the cost on design and technology equipment

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