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Lease a Drama Studio for Your School's Theatrical Brilliance

Theatre has the ability to captivate, inspire, and empower students. However, we understand that setting up a fully equipped drama studio with professional staging equipment can be a significant financial investment. Cue Funding 4 Education’s flexible leasing programs.

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Lights, camera, lease!

Looking forward to your end of term production but need new equipment to bring your script to life? See what equipment you can include within a lease below.



Our leasing equipment for schools' drama studios offers a versatile and professional-grade staging solution. Designed to elevate performances, our staging equipment ensures a safe and sturdy platform for actors and props.

studio lighting


Illuminate your school's drama productions with our cutting-edge lighting equipment. Our leasing options include a wide range of stage lights, spotlights, and colour-changing fixtures, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance for each scene.

drama studio sound system

Sound Systems

Deliver crystal-clear audio and enhance the auditory experience with our high-quality sound systems for drama studios. Whether it's for spoken dialogue, musical performances, or special effects, our leasing equipment ensures that every word and sound is heard with clarity.



Make your audience's comfort a priority with our premium seating options. Our leasing equipment includes comfortable and durable seating arrangements, ensuring that patrons enjoy every moment of the performance.



Bring versatility and dynamic visual elements to your drama studio with our projection equipment. Our leasing options encompass high-definition projectors capable of displaying vivid imagery and video content.

green screen

Green Screens

Unlock endless creative possibilities with our green screen leasing options. Perfect for special effects and virtual backgrounds, green screens allow drama students to explore diverse settings and scenarios without leaving the studio.

Stage-worthy benefits of leasing school Drama Studios and Staging Equipment

By leasing drama studio equipment, schools can provide students with a dedicated space to unleash their creativity, explore their acting talents, and put on captivating productions.

Tailor your lease plan

With our tailored leasing plans, you can acquire the necessary staging equipment while spreading the cost over time, making it easier to fit within your budget constraints.


Leasing staging and drama studio equipment offers schools a cost-effective solution in comparison to waiting a long time to find the funds to purchase outright. Paying manageable payments now means you can take advantage of today’s price instead of tomorrow’s inflated cost.

Equipment for a Standing Ovation

Leasing staging and drama studio equipment grants schools access to top-quality, professional-grade resources. Include an extensive selection of staging equipment, lighting systems, sound equipment, props, and other indispensable elements.

Maximise the Drama

Leasing offers schools flexibility as their drama program evolves. Schools can easily add or upgrade equipment to accommodate changing production needs or technological advancements.

Spreading the Cost for Your School's Drama Studio!

Contact us today to explore how our flexible spread payment options can help your aspiring artists to step into the spotlight and unleash their theatrical talent.

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