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Enhance Learning and Well-being: Lease Sensory Room and Equipment for Your School

Funding 4 Education provide leasing solutions for sensory rooms and equipment designed specifically for schools. If you're looking to create an amazing sensory room for your students but are hindered by budget constraints, our flexible spread payment options might be the solution you've been searching for.

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Brighten the adventures created in your schools sensory/SEND room with the following equipment:

sensory equipment

Sensory Equipment

Sensory equipment is designed to create a stimulating and therapeutic environment for individuals with sensory processing challenges or special needs.

hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy Pools

Leasing grants access to well-maintained and safe hydrotherapy pools, allowing students or therapy clients to benefit from water-based therapy without the burden of long-term ownership costs.


Specialist Hoists

Ensure the safety and dignity of the person being transferred and reduce the strain on caregivers during transfers. Leasing specialist hoists for schools provide a cost-effective solution.

soft seating

Soft Seating

Leasing soft seating for schools or therapy centres allows for regular rotation and refreshment of the seating options. It ensures that the sensory room remains inviting and comfortable for users, promoting relaxation and a positive sensory experience.

changing facilities

Changing Facilities

Leasing changing facilities offers the advantage of tailoring the setup to specific requirements and preferences. It allows schools to adjust the changing facilities as needed to meet the changing needs of their users.

access ramp

Access Ramps

Sensory rooms access ramps ensure that the space is inclusive and accessible to everyone. Leasing access ramps for schools or therapy centers is beneficial because it provides a cost-effective solution for creating an accessible environment.

What benefits are there for leasing your school’s sensory equipment?

Leasing sensory room equipment offers schools a cost-effective way to enhance the learning and well-being of their students. Sensory rooms provide a therapeutic environment that stimulates the senses and supports sensory integration, helping students to regulate their emotions, improve focus, and engage in meaningful learning experiences.

Enhanced Learning and Well-being

Leasing a sensory room allows schools to create a therapeutic environment that stimulates the senses, promotes sensory integration, and supports emotional regulation. Students can benefit from improved focus, reduced anxiety, increased engagement, and enhanced learning experiences in a sensory-rich space.

Flexibility and Customisation

Leasing offers schools the flexibility to customise and adapt the sensory room to meet thespecific needs of their students. Schools can select from a wide range of sensory equipment and furniture options, including interactive panels, sensory lighting, tactile objects, calming swings, and more.

Maintenance and Support

Leasing agreements often include maintenance and support services for the leased sensory equipment. This means that schools can rely on the lessor's expertise to handle equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacements, ensuring that the sensory room remains in optimal condition.

Want to create a sensory room for your students but hindered by budget?

Listed below are the most popular options for spreading the cost on sensory room equipment.

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