Did you think that leasing is just for technology or playgrounds? That’s where you’re about to be blown away! Almost anything you find in a school can be leased through us here at Funding 4 Education. In light of this, we’ve created a list full of the most ‘bizarre’ items we’ve ever leased…

DJ System

The national curriculum is constantly evolving and DJing is now part of secondary school education. The subject can add masses of fun learning to an otherwise strict routine for students. You can now lease a new, modern system for your school to suit the new addition to the curriculum and not worry about the headache caused by the extra up-front financial investment.

Scrubber Dryer

Even though it’s important to keep your school’s teaching equipment up to date and make sure your students are receiving the best education, it’s just as vital to ensure your school maintenance is high quality and the school is looking squeaky clean! Scrubber dryers are a perfect and easy way to keep those floors clean particularly when inviting parents in for open evenings!

Sit Down Lawn Mower

If your school grounds require a lot of maintenance, a sit-down lawn mower is a great way to help keep your grass looking faultless and in perfect condition for sports activities, events or just representing your school image.

Outdoor Gym

Schools are becoming more proactive in promoting exercise and making sure students get their daily workout. Outdoor gyms are the perfect way to get students outdoors and exercising whilst also making it fun! The equipment can be installed on both grass and concrete surfaces to ensure you’ll be able to find a place for them in your school.

iMacs with musical keyboards

Who’d have thought that the modern twist on what we would know as a piano or a keyboard is a MIDI keyboard that can plug straight into your PC or Mac? Yes, that’s right. With apps like GarageBand available and growing in popularity, schools are looking to deliver the music curriculum by blending it with other technology, keeping students’ engagement at high levels.

Outdoor Food Kiosks

If you have limited indoor space, but a large outdoor area, why not look into getting outdoor food kiosks! These are becoming a more popular option to encourage more students to get some fresh air on their lunch break whilst giving them more meal choices. They could also be beneficial if you ever hire areas of your school where food is required for the event. The kiosks can be personalised to mirror your school’s identity too!

Prefabricated Buildings

Even modular buildings can be leased through us. As more and more class places are required for the growing population, extra space is required. They can come fitted with furniture and equipment while providing the correct learning environment for students. It’s a big project, and a big capital outlay, so spreading the cost can definitely benefit your budget whilst also ticking those boxes!

Photography Equipment

Almost everyone now has an Instagram profile and there are other platforms out there that involve people sharing their experiences through photographs. This is in addition to traditional media outlets such as newspapers, magazines and website. All of the above involve photography which is now incorporated into the national curriculum through media studies and a course on its own. To keep up with the modern curriculum, we’ve leased some of the top of the range equipment manufactured by Canon, Nikon and Sony. You can help to keep your students’ work of the highest quality and continuously improve their photography skills by doing the same!

Roof Repairs

We worked with a particular school who had numerous constant leaks in their roof, but they couldn’t afford to fix it within their budget. Instead, they leased a new roof through us so their school could be fixed and they could stop worrying about falling over buckets of rainwater – without the hassle of having no money left in their budget.

Dyson Hot/Cold Fans for Classrooms

A great alternative for air conditioning in your classroom, especially with the indecisive British weather. This is one piece of equipment that can help you to keep your teaching environment at the perfect temperature, whether it’s snowing outside or it’s unusually warm!


As you look around your school, can you think of a piece of equipment that you would love to have but can’t fit it in your budget and didn’t think you’d be able to lease it. The chances are, you will be able to lease it! Don’t wait around for the fundraising event or your next budget year, give us a call and speak to one of our Customer Care Specialists today on 01625 415 400 – have your dream piece of equipment now…no matter how strange you think it might be.