Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way schools operate and how students learn. It has been used to create virtual classrooms, automate administrative tasks, and personalise learning experiences for students. AI also provides teachers with data that can be used to improve instruction and assess student progress.

AI can help schools become more efficient by simplifying processes, providing new opportunities for collaboration, and giving teachers access to powerful tools that can help them gain a better understanding of their students’ needs. With AI, schools can also reduce costs by automating day-to-day tasks such as grading work or managing attendance records.

AI is fairly new on the scene and it can be hard to understand what impact it’s having day to day so here are 5 ways artificial intelligence is changing education:

1. Assistive technology – This helps give SEND students a better education in various ways, such as reading text to visually impaired learners.

2. Finance – A number of multi-academy trusts and bursars are using AI to manage their schools’ budget.

3. Adaptive learning – AI picks up on repeated data input, therefore it can detect what students are struggling with and can feed the data back to teachers so they can tailor their lessons.

4. Coding – More commonly, AI is helping students to learn and understand coding which has increased in popularity over the last 15 years as the next generation get to grips with the digital world

5. Grading – AI has been used as a useful tool in schools and universities to grade papers and check for any plagiarism. It has been shown to cut review times by up to 74%.

As Artificial intelligence continues to development, it will bring new opportunities for schools to enhance the learning experience of their students.

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