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LED Lighting Leasing Options Tailored for Education

Looking to save money on your energy bills and become more sustainable but don’t have the budget? With our leasing options, schools can benefit from the latest LED lighting technology without the burden of upfront costs. Our flexible leasing plans allow you to spread out payments over time, making it easier to fit within your budget constraints.

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Leasing Brilliance!

Illuminate your school with energy efficient LED Lighting solutions and include all of the following equipment:

Panel Lighting

Panel Lighting

With the latest LED panel lighting technology, your school can benefit from reduced energy costs and improved illumination for classrooms and common areas.

Panel Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Leasing emergency lighting systems provides a cost-effective way to equip your school with reliable, battery-powered LED lights that activate during power outages.

Panel Lighting

Motion Sensors

Embrace energy-efficient technology by leasing motion sensor lighting systems. Optimise energy usage by automatically controlling lighting based on occupancy.

Panel Lighting


Illuminate your school's outdoor spaces with our floodlight leasing program. Leasing floodlights allows you to efficiently light up sports fields, parking lots, and pathways.

Panel Lighting

Stage Lighting

Elevate your school's performing arts programs with our stage lighting leasing solutions. Leasing stage lighting equipment empowers your school to showcase exceptional performances with professional lighting effects.

Panel Lighting

Security Lighting

Protect your school campus with our security lighting leasing options. Leasing security lighting ensures that your school remains well-lit and secure, deterring potential intruders and enhancing the safety of students and staff.

Why Do Schools Lease LED Lighting?

Join the growing number of schools that have already made the switch to LED lighting with the help of our leasing options, and experience the numerous benefits, including;

Energy Efficiency

LEDs consume up to 80-90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and around 50% less than fluorescent tubes. This drastic reduction in your schools energy consumption directly translates into substantial savings on your electricity bills.

Reduced Maintenance

By leasing LED lighting, schools can alleviate the burden of ongoing maintenance, as many leasing agreements include provisions for maintenance and support, ensuring that lighting systems remain operational and efficient throughout the lease term.

Enhanced Learning

LED lighting provides bright and consistent illumination, creating a visually stimulating and comfortable learning environment for students and teachers.

Save Money

Use your energy bill savings to pay for the LED lighting leasing solution making it cost-neutral or cash-positive for your school.

What Leasing options can you use for your Schools LED Lighting?

Listed below are the most popular options for spreading the cost on classroom and outdoor LED Lighting.

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