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Unlock the Rhythm of Learning: Lease Music Equipment for Your School

Funding 4 education, your trusted partner in providing tailored leasing solutions for music equipment and music rooms designed specifically for schools. Our flexible leasing options can help you bring the power of music to your school, even if budget constraints have been a challenge.


Don’t miss a beat when you lease your school’s music equipment...

Expand the capabilities and interests of the student’s potential with the latest music equipment, some of which are listed below…

music equipment piano


Pianos are elegant musical instruments with a versatile range, capable of producing beautiful melodies and harmonies.

dj equipment

DJ Equipment

DJ equipment is a set of tools that enables students to explore the exciting world of music mixing, remixing, and creating unique sounds.


Drum Kits

Drum kits are a fundamental component of any music program, providing rhythm and energy to various musical ensembles.



Leasing guitars for schools ensures that the institution can provide a diverse selection of guitars, including acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.



Leasing keyboards for schools allows educators to offer students access to the latest technology and advancements in digital music production.

pa equipment

PA Systems

Schools can lease appropriate PA systems based on the size of the venue and the specific event, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the best possible audio experience.



Enhance the sound quality and volume, making performances more impactful and enjoyable. Leasing amplifiers for schools allows students to explore different amplifier types and brands, catering to diverse musical tastes.


Woodwind Instruments

Integral to school bands and orchestras. Leasing woodwind instruments for schools allows music programs to offer a diverse selection of instruments to students.


Brass Instruments

Leasing brass instruments for schools provides the advantage of offering students access to a variety of brass instruments, enabling them to explore different sounds and find the one that best suits their musical inclinations.

What are the benefits of leasing your school’s music equipment?

Leasing music equipment and music rooms offers many advantages. Not only does it provide schools with a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for a large upfront investment, but it also allows for flexibility and scalability.


Leasing allows schools to spread out the cost over time with manageable monthly payments, making it more financially feasible to acquire a wide range of instruments and equipment. This enables schools to enhance their music program within their budgetary constraints.

Access to the latest equipment

Leasing gives you the option at the end of your agreement to upgrade your equipment, allowing your school to keep up with the latest trends. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same options; you can mix it up and add in something new.

Flexibility and Scalability

Leasing offers schools flexibility and scalability as their music program evolves. If schools choose to upgrade their equipment, they are able to keep some items and returns others. You can replace any items you need to and expand your selection.

Lease Music Equipment to Inspire Students' Musical Talents

Contact us today to explore how our flexible leasing options can help you create a vibrant musical environment for your school, providing students with the opportunity to embrace the transformative power of music.

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